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Half Marathon Training Update with a Cheesy Giveaway

In 10 days I’ll be in Vermont running the Middlebury Maple Half Marathon thanks to Cabot. This will be my sixth half but my first organized run in well over a year.

My interest in the sport has kind of fizzled out.

I thought signing up for an event would spark my running mojo again but I haven’t really enjoyed focusing on it as I once did. With the kids getting older, life seems busier now and more things have simply slipped into my priority list, many of which I value more. For example, now every Monday and Wednesday I’m coaching a CrossFit Kids class at the gym. I come home from work, make a quick dinner and bring the kids back with me for a couple of hours. It’s a BLAST! But afterwards I’m spent. Just exhausted!

Thursday nights I have my weekly bowling league. It’s my regularly scheduled social hour where I get to have a few beers hanging out with friends. We have a good time and actually have a chance at winning the whole league!

One day a week I take a guitar lesson and it’s been quite a challenge getting back into the habit since returning from vacation. I do my best to carve out at least 10-20 minutes a day for practice.

Now that the weather’s getting nice we’ve been taking more family trips to the park on the weekends and in the evenings.

And of course every morning I’m at the gym for my hour workout and then back again for the afternoon shift to man the open gym and take care of a few gym management tasks.

My days feel really full and by the end of most of them I’m fighting between my desire to curl up in bed and fall asleep, wanting to blog, and spending quality time with the husband.

Lately, sleep has been winning.

Sometimes I get a little down on myself because I can’t “do it all” —  why don’t I have as much energy as I used to? Why am I so tired? Why aren’t there more hours in the day??

Then I realize … yet again … things have changed.

I have changed.

And here’s the kicker — there’s nothing wrong with that.

I love everything I’m doing now. I feel blessed to have two healthy kids growing up — too fast I may add, a supportive husband, awesome friends, and time to do hobbies I enjoy. So my house is a bit of a disaster and I don’t run as much as I think I should. Am I really going to let that get me down when I’m rocking the Mom thing, cooking more than ever, learning to play the guitar, lifting every morning, managing an awesome gym, and actually holding on to somewhat of a social life?

Nope, not going to do it to myself anymore.

Last Sunday I ran 9 miles, my longest run so far in preparation for this half.  I have one more good long run in me before the event and you know what? I’ll be just fine. I won’t be breaking any records or anything but I know I can do it and even more importantly, I know I’ll enjoy it — IF I remove all this extra pressure I’ve been putting on myself.

Wow… I feel so much better getting all that off my chest. Now that I’m not blogging as much I think I bottle things up more and they fester. I miss my daily brain dumps here on the blog. They really help me get out of my own head.

I mean, I always knew it was my form of therapy but I didn’t think not doing it wouldn’t affect me as much as it has.

_25_Regular_Gift_Box_RetouchAnyway, on to the Cheesy Giveaway!

Cabot is giving away a $25 Cheese Gift Box to one of my readers to celebrate the Cabot Fit Team and upcoming half.

If you are as big of a cheese fan as I am, just leave a comment below to enter. I’ll randomly select a winner from the comments on Sunday, April 24.

The gift pack can only be shipped to the continental United States and no PO boxes. Other than that, there are no other rules.

Thanks for being my shoulder today. I’ve been feeling out of sorts for sometime.


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