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Why am I doing all this again? Oh yeah.. that’s right…

Yesterday was glorious. A Sensational Sunday at its best!

The stars aligned perfectly causing both boys to sleep in, and I enjoyed a quite morning by myself doing… what else … blogging.

I know it’s pretty pathetic but I really do enjoy it! I actually had enough time to write up my latest recipe for GreenLiteBites, Salisbury Steak With Simple Mushroom Gravy.

Salisbury Steak

While writing it I was enjoying my new favorite breakfast, muesli soaked in almond milk.


It’s so simple and easy to grab, making my breakfast choice on some mornings effortless.

The kids got up and I refused to let them turn on the TV. Instead we blasted music and played together…


…while I made them chocolate chip pancakes using this recipe.


After breakfast we got dressed, loaded up the car and headed out to a local trail.


I was “supposed” to run 10 miles for my half marathon training but I didn’t have it in me to head out alone for nearly 2 hours leaving the kids. So I decided to take them with me because… why am I doing all this again?

Oh yeah.. that’s right…

I want to be a good example for my kids.

Lead them by example.

Raise them to enjoy being active.

Be able to keep up with them as I age!

So instead of the solo 10 miles I had planned, the three of us ran/rode nearly 7 together!



And let me tell you, 7 hilly miles pushing a 40-pound 5-year-old is no joke! At one point he wanted to run up one of the hills so I got to push the empty stroller. Then he hopped in about half-way and I was reminded how heavy he really is.

We stopped for some groceries on our way back and when we got home The Husband was cleaning out the garage.


It took us the rest of the day to finish it.

Little Bean helped.


The 10-Year-Old rode his bike to the park and I made burgers on the grill.


I also made a big pot of chili-esque stuff for lunches all week. Yes, chili-esque. Honestly, it’s just stuff in a pot.


The “stuff” was eggplant, ground beef, brown rice, chipotle peppers, and papaya I happened to have in the freezer. I needed something to cut the heat.  Weird, I know, but very tasty!

After all that awesomeness I fell asleep watching Game of Thrones with The Husband. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

The Cabot Cheese Winner was selected yesterday. It was Sarah.


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